Show and Tell

Have you been dreaming of creating your own YouTube channel? Or writing a novel or screenplay?  Would you like to share your passion/obsession/expert knowledge with others?

Workshop 2.0 offers several opportunities to create content throughout many platforms. Our award-winning team of writers, animators, directors, and performers can guide you through the process from idea generation to implementation.

Here’s a partial list of some of our courses:


Workshop 2.0 can guide you through the process of publishing your memoir, children’s book, novel, screenplay, or TV spec script starting from brainstorming all the way to layout in InDesign and publication through Kindle Direct.


Our team can guide you through recording audio books, editing in Audacity, and uploading the finished product to Audible standards. We can also direct you through the process of starting up a podcast, editing, and uploading to your desired platform.


Mr. Beast will be the first to admit there are a LOT of steps in the production of a successful YouTube show. Honing your original idea, creating a fun set, lighting it, setting up audio, positioning cameras, performing, editing, clearing any copyrights, uploading, and promoting – all these take time and preparation. Work with experienced professionals to manage each step of the digital creation process and bring your ideas to life on your own YouTube channel. As with all projects created with Workshop 2.0, YOU retain the rights to all your content.


Not all content is digital! If you’re like us, you love creating projects by HAND. Join us in the Workshop art room to cut and paste images into original collages and mixed media assemblages. Bring your own papers and objects or comb through our extensive library to design and craft beautiful handmade pieces.


Come learn this classic film technique, using individually photographed frames compiled into an animated short film. Using the latest software and digital video cameras, we can guide you to bring your favorite inanimate characters to life. Whether your style is Ray Harryhausen, Tim Burton, or Nick Park, come and experiment with this tried-and-true system of animation.