Dude School

Ready to Step up Your Dude Skills?

Session 1 – Tools!

Let’s use Power Tools! Come get hands-on experience and learn how to use a cordless drill and various screws, practice using hammer and nails – you can even bring a broken lamp or shelf and we’ll fix it! Whether you’re living with your parents or in your own apartment, stuff breaks all the time – and now you’ll have the confidence to tackle small projects without calling an expensive expert. And who knows – you might have some hidden skills you didn’t know about.


Session 2 – Grilling!

A guy has GOT to know how to grill! We’ll learn the nuts and bolts of using a gas grill, how to prepare steak and a few side dishes, then enjoy the results of our work. Future classes will cover food planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and the most important subject of all – what to talk about with other people while you’re grilling! Let’s learn some new skills and have some laughs.

Additional Sessions

We will be covering lots of topics, general and specific—such as: internet safety, online dating, transportation, manners, active listening, buying gifts, opening a bottle of wine, shuffling cards, packing a suitcase, etc, etc, etc!  In home sessions available as well!

About Us

In conjunction with Workshop2.0, Dude School is the brainchild of Chad Rutt, a general contractor and Autism dad from Studio City, who saw a missing part of life-skills education for adults on (and off) the Autism Spectrum.  Dude School is dedicated to building competency in skills that can be utilized around the home in daily life.  For a complete list of sessions, dates, and more visit https://workshop20.org/dude-school or contact Chad Rutt at 310-849-7546 or [email protected].