Fun and Games


Pickleball is fun and easy to play!

And…because we live in Southern California, we also have year-round Boogie boarding, Surfing, Golfing, Hiking, Bowling – there’s all kinds of great stuff to do!

Do you want to have good times and hang out with friends?

FUN AND GAMES is a neurodiverse program designed to encourage people on and off the spectrum to learn and participate in a variety of physical activities in a fun and supportive environment.  Our goal is to create incentives for regularly scheduled sessions focused on individual and team dynamics. Come and join the group!

Group-oriented Social Program

Participate in a variety of coached activities designed for maximum learning and physical enjoyment.

Sundays Twice-a-Month

We will organize a specific sport or activity to play. Participants will be coached to develop specific skill sets.

The Focus Is on Fun!

We offer a low key, participant-driven experience designed to motivate and develop confidence in physical activities that will create more options in social interactions.

About Us

Doug Tashjian is a former professional soccer player and USSF “A” Licensed Coach. He has coached from the youth to the college level and was the Director of Special Olympic Soccer in Massachusetts. Doug is an avid participant in a variety of sports and looks forward to offering his experiences to encourage others to find enjoyment in them as well.

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Fun and Games
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